Mobilus lipdukų spaudintuvas Zebra ZQ600 Plus


„Zebra“ universaliausia mobiliųjų spausdintuvų serija

ZQ600 Plus serija perima populiariąją QLn platformą ir daro ją dar geresnę – pridedant pažangių technologijų ir naujoviško dizaino, kurie padidina produktyvumą, naudojimo paprastumą ir valdomumą į naują lygį. Sumažinkite prastovos laiką ir užtikrinkite, kad spausdintuvas niekada neužmigtų, naudodamiesi pažangia akumuliatoriaus technologija, didesne akumuliatoriaus talpa ir momentinio pažadinimo būsena. Didelis spalvotas ekranas su būsenos piktogramomis padeda išvengti nesusipratimų. Jūsų darbuotojai galės mėgautis patikimu belaidžiu ryšiu su greitu 802.11 ac ir Bluetooth 4.2. ZQ600 Plus serijos spausdintuvai yra standartiniai, sveikatos priežiūros ir RFID modeliai.

Gauti pasiūlymą

Susisiekite su ASPA vadybininkais dėl pasiūlymo:


    • Apple® iOS, Android™ and Windows® Mobile connectivity
    • Direct thermal printing of barcodes, text and graphics
    • CPCL, EPL™ and ZPL® programming languages
    • 512 MB Flash supports downloadable programs, receipt formats, fonts and graphics (128 MB available for user storage)
    • ZQ620/ZQ620 Plus and ZQ610/ZQ610 Plus: 3250 mAh (nominal) 23.4 Wh removable, rechargeable PowerPrecision+ Li-Ion battery
    ZQ630/ZQ630 Plus: 6800 mAh (nominal) 49.4 Wh removable, rechargeable PowerPrecision + Li-Ion battery
    • Built-in battery charger
    • Belt clip for unobtrusive and convenient printing (not compatible with extended capacity battery)
    • Black mark and gap media sensing using fixed center position sensors
    • Easy-to-use peel and present mode
    • Label present sensor for issuing labels one at a time
    • Tear bar for easy media dispensing
    • Center-loading media locking for variable roll widths
    • “Clamshell” design for easy media loading
    • Management: Mirror, SNMP, Web server, Profile Manager, AirWatch®, SOTI® MobiControl™ and Ivanti Avalanche® (powered by Wavelink) 
    • Large, easy-to-read color display (288 x 240 pixels)
    • Color display can be customized using WML (text and icons)
    • 5-way navigation buttons, two software defined keys
    • Printer color alerts on the display
    • Tolerance of multiple drops from 5 ft./1.52 m (ZQ620/ZQ620 Plus and ZQ610/ZQ610 Plus) and 6 ft./1.83 m (ZQ630/ZQ630 Plus) to concrete²
    • IP54 dust and water resistance rating
    • 400 MHz 32-bit ARM processor
    • XML support
    • Supports vertical and horizontal printing
    • Printers can be used in any orientation
    • QR barcode links to web-based help pages
    • Zebra Print Touch simplifies Bluetooth pairing and launches web-based help pages with Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled devices
    • Label odometer
    • NTP (Network Time Protocol) support via Wi-Fi or Ethernet
    • Supports Zebra Network Connect manufacturing plant floor solution when used with the Ethernet cradle
    • RFID is available on the ZQ630/ZQ630 Plus as a separate product (please see the ZQ630/ZQ630 Plus RFID Spec Sheet for more information)

    Physical Characteristics


    ZQ610/ZQ610 Plus:
    6.73 in. L x 3.6 in. W x 2.85 in. H
    170.9 mm L x 91.4 mm W x 72.4 mm H

    ZQ620/ZQ620 Plus:
    6.84 in. L x 4.64 in. W x 3.03 in. H
    173.7 mm L x 117.9 mm W x 76.9 mm H

    ZQ630/ZQ630 Plus:
    7.35 in. L x 6.5 in. W x 3.25 in. H
    186.7 mm L x 165.1 mm W x 82.5 mm H

    Note: The Extended Capacity Li-Ion smart battery option adds 0.6 in./16 mm to the height of either ZQ600/ZQ600 Plus Series printer.

    Weight with battery

    ZQ610/ZQ610 Plus: 1.33 lbs/0.6 kg
    ZQ620/ZQ620 Plus: 1.6 lbs/0.73 kg
    ZQ630/ZQ630 Plus: 2.45 lbs/1.1 kg

    Printer Specifications

    Operating System Link-OS®
    Resolution 203 dpi/8 dots per mm
    Memory 256 MB RAM; 512 MB Flash (standard)

    Print Width

    ZQ610/ZQ610 Plus: 1.9 in./48 mm
    ZQ620/ZQ620 Plus: 2.8 in./72 mm
    ZQ630/ZQ630 Plus: 4.1 in./104 mm

    Print Speed

    Up to 4.5 in./115 mm per second
    Media Sensors Black mark and gap media sensing using fixed center position sensors; label present sensor for issuing batch labels one at a time
    Print Length

    Minimum: 0.5 in./12.7 mm
    Maximum: 32 in./813 mm


    ZQ610/ZQ610 Plus and ZQ620/ZQ620 Plus: 3250 mAh (nominal) 23.4 Wh removable, rechargeable PowerPrecision+ Li-Ion battery
    ZQ630/ZQ630 Plus: 6800 mAh (nominal) 49.4 Wh removable PowerPrecision+ Li-Ion battery

    Media Characteristics

    and Liner Length

    0.5 in./12.7 mm to 32 in./813 mm or continuous
    Media Width

    ZQ610/ZQ610 Plus: 1.0 in./25 mm to 2.18 in./55.4 mm
    ZQ620/ZQ620 Plus: 1.0 in./25 mm to 3.125 in./79 mm 
    ZQ630/ZQ630 Plus: 2.0 in./51 mm to 4.4 in./112 mm
    (linered) 2.0 in./51 mm to 4.1 in./104 mm (linerless)

    Maximum Media
    Roll Size

    ZQ610/ZQ610 Plus: 2.2 in./55.9 mm OD on a 0.75 in./19 mm or 1.375 in./34.9 mm inner core
    ZQ620/ZQ620 Plus: 2.6 in./66 mm OD on a 0.75 in./19 mm or 1.375 in./34.9 mm inner core
    ZQ630/ZQ630 Plus: 2.6 in./66 mm O.D. on a 0.75 in./19 mm or 1.375 in./34.9 mm inner core

    Thickness 2.3 mil to 5.5 mil tag stock or 6.5 mil label stock
    Media Types Die-cut labels and tags, linerless labels, receipt paper, RFID (ZQ630/ZQ630 Plus RFID compatible), black bar and gap