Which cash register should you choose: with paper ribbon or with electronic control bar?

    In 2011 the summer three new-generation models of cash registers were released into the market, which facilitates and simplifies the life of the cash register users.

    Cash registers with electronic control bar does not require signing the ribbon, because it is stored in an electronic memory inside the cash register.

    Using cash registers with electronic control bar there is no cost for storage of the control ribbon.

    It is easy to change the ribbon in cash registers – open the lid, add ribbon and close the lid.

    Most of the registers with electronic control bar has an innovative battery that allows the cash register to work without electricity for up to 3 days.

    Cash registers with electronic control bar are not affected by the voltage fluctuations.

Why is it worth making a maintenance contract?

For customers with service agreement:

  • Priority rights for consultations and repairs.
  • Free consultations by phone.
  • Fast service.


Recently more business start-ups are confronted with the question: “Whats is the key of choosing cash register?” or “Which kind of cash register I should choose: new or used?”

Cash registers you should choose according to the activity, i.e., when the is no large number of customers we offer to purchase cheaper cash register, if the is a big turnover, it is suggested to buy well-known brand cash registers.

When you choosing a new device, pay attention to how popular the cash register manufacturer is in Lithuania. We do not recommend buying cash registers that are manufactured in China. All our cash registers are manufactured in the EU. They have ISO 9001:2008 quality certificates and have been used in Lithuania since 1996.

Used cash registers have the only advantage- the price. But after all if you choose to buy used cash register it is very important to ask service companies to change the basic details of cash registers- the motherboard, the printer and fiscal memory. Our company has these details even for the cash registers which was sold in 1996.  Some fiscal memory models sold by competitors do not change overall(do not miss). Similarly, other companies may not have these details so if a cash register used is inoperative you may need to buy another cash register.  It is also very important to pay attention to the number of fiscal reports- how many fiscal reports have remained in the cash register used, i.e. how many days cash register can work before changing the fiscal memory. This is important because fiscal memory is an extra cost. When you buying a used cash register it is necessary to provide additional expenses for the registration of cash register, training, cash register maintenance contracts.

Keep in mind: when you purchasing a new cash register you will receive a guarantee, you will be trained by our service staff, we will register the cash register. By purchasing a new cash register you will be sure that it has never been liquefied, dumped or dusty.

When activities require cash registers, what kind of activity people are obliged to use cash registers since 2012 May 1st?

From 2012 May 1, cash registers must be used by residents who perform individual trade activities (not only foodstuffs but also other goods) by acquiring business certificates and according to an individual activity certificate (registering individual activities at the State Tax Inspectorate) and trading in buildings or premises, as well as in kiosks, wagons, mobile homes, car parks, i.e. not in outdoor conditions.

What to do before buying a cash register?

Before you buy a cash register, you must declare a place to trade at the State Tax Inspectorate (STI). Companies need to fill in the form 0791A, who work under the individual activity- to fill out the form REG812. Those who work according to the business licence do not need to declare a place of business.

What kind of cash registers are adapted to the changeover to the euro?

Not adapted – Cashcase Datecs MP-500.

Cash registers partially customized:

Datecs MP-56;

Datecs MP-500T;

Datecs DP-50;

Fully customized cash registers:

Datecs Mp-55;

Datecs MP-55 PLUS;

Datecs DP-500;

Datecs DP-500 PLUS;

Datecs DP-55 PLUS;

Computer cash registers:

computerized cash register Gamma with fiscal printer FP-550;

computerized cash register Gamma with fiscal printer FP-1000;

computerized cash register Gamma with fiscal printer FP-2000;

PC cash register Gamma with fiscal printer PS-3100;

computer cash register Gamma with fiscal blocks asFA-100;

computerized cash register Gamma with fiscal printer FMP-10;

Self-service computer cash register SP206 with fiscal unit ASFA-100.